We are back as Holistic Therapies NorthWest

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That’s right, we are back online in our new home with our new branding and store

North Pacific Utopian Wares is no more and we have fully transitioned to our new brand of Holistic Therapies NorthWest.  This was a tough decision to make but our new branding is more conducive to the products and eventual services we provide, plus it’s so much easier to say.

Impact of COVID-19

We know that COVID has impacted so many of you and we were on the edge with throwing in the towel but that isn’t our style.

That does not mean we did not have any collateral damage.  We did have to close our physical store on Market Street and move everything back to our house.  On the plus side we don’t have as much overhead which means we are able to put a lot back into our business and make sure we are able to keep your favorite items on the shelf.

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