SVF Facial Bundle


Save by purchasing our complete facial bundle!

We have included all our popular facial products in this bundle to help get you started on your journey to better facial care.

This is a great gift for that special friend and even yourself.

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SVF Facial Bundle


Riverdance Complexion Bar, SVF Detoxifying Face Mask, SVF Cleansing Splash, SVF Face and Eye Cream, SVF Refreshing Toner Mist


  1. Thoroughly clean your face with the Riverdance Complexion Bar and dry with a soft towel
  2. Gently massage the SVF Detoxifying Face Mask onto your face, let it dry and rinse off
  3. Apply SVF Cleansing Splash to your entire face and focus on any problem areas, allow to air dry
  4. Dot your face with SVF Face and Eye Cream and massage into your skin paying special care to the under and side eye areas
  5. Finish with a light spray of SVF Refreshing Toner Mist and use throughout the day as needed

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