We have a complete line of handcrafted body care products that are designed with you in mind!

  • Alluring Locks

    Alluring Locks (1)

    Welcome to your new favorite hair care products! Alluring locks will condition and heal your hair and scalp without leaving your hair heavy and oily.
  • Bath Salt and Scrubs

    Bath Salt and Scrubs (2)

    Luxurious and soothing bath salts and scrubs sure to help you relax while nourishing your body.
  • Facial Care

    Facial Care (6)

    Our facial care products are handcrafted and formulated by us using carefully selected ingredients that are targeted at healing and benefiting your skin. Scintilating Visage Formula These facial care products harness powerful botanicals, oils, and other ingredients to rejuvenate your skin and help you achieve an even more beautiful face than you already have. Wishkah Whisker Oil As the name…
  • Handcrafted Soap

    Handcrafted Soap (26)

    Luxurious handcrafted soap that we carry from companies that make soap the way we would do it
  • Lip Butters

    Lip Butters (6)

    We make lip butter, not lip balm! What's the difference you ask?  Our lip butter goes the distance and does so much more than a typical lip balm.  We use our own unique blend of oils and butters to create an experience your lips are sure to enjoy.
  • Madrone Shaving

    Madrone Shaving (9)

    Madrone Shaving is our complete line of products for face and body hair removal. Preparation and After Shave Care Start and end your shaving experience with our handcrafted products designed to protect and heal your skin.  Our madrone shaving products are designed for all genders and assists with hair removal on your entire body. Parker Razor Products We carry a…
  • Skin Care

    Skin Care (5)

    Handcrafted moisturizing lotions