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New Bath Salts Coming Soon…

New Bath Salts Coming Soon...

We are so used to bringing out our bath salts as special items during the holidays as they make such great gifts and we have a lot of fun with our displays and make and takes.

Alas, this year we cannot do this and we just about forgot to do anything with them.

However, we believe we have found a way to put a positive spin on this woesome issue.

We have always had a unique blend of salts along with herbal and essential oil additives.  Since we have been refiguring a lot of our products so they are more inline with our branding we have done the same with our bath salts.

An All New Blend

We love our choice of salts but we decided we wanted to add another mineral rich salt.  Introducing the French Grey Salt, Sel Gris!
Adding Sel Gris to our mix of Pacific, Epsom, and Himalayan Pink Salts adds another element, well a few actually, to our already amazing mix.  Sel Gris is amazing not just for your skin but is also a preferred salt for nasal lavage and is a fantastic finishing salt for some very elegant dishes.

Bath Salts In Many Forms

We want you to be able to enjoy our Bath Salts and have some amazingly fun ideas for delivering them.
At our events we always tried to have some unique containers that would hold a fair amount of our salt blend.  We will definitely continue this practice and adding pouches that will have a larger amount of our blend that you can refill your jar with or use right out of the bag.
We have so many ideas brewing on this topic and though I cannot share all of them right now I will let this last one leak….

A Botanical Bath Retreat

Most times it is nice to just grab the bath salts and let a scoop loose in the water, but we have a plan to let you take this up a few notches.
We are working on creating a kit for you that will have our bath salt blend as well as some select herbs, oils, and oil blends.  This will allow you to create a unique bath experience unlike any other and customized to your exact likings.  Of course we will include a few recipes to start and loads of encouragement to explore on your own.

Expected Release Date

One of the great perks of our job is that we have to test all of our products before releasing them to the wild, I know the horror right!  This does take a bit of time, and relaxation, a few cups of tea, chapters in a good book…. oh but I digress.
We will have some of our classic products using our new Bath Salt Blend the third week of December, 2020.  Our brand new blends we hope to have ready before the New Year, just in time to relax after a night of celebration!

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