Holistic Therapies NorthWest began in 2015 as an idea to bring better body care products to our community and we called ourselves North Pacific Utopian Wares.  In the beginning we focused on some basics including lotions, body butter, and lip balms but we very soon found that we needed to look further than skin deep.

A couple of years ago we bought our first steam distillation system and started making our own essential oils and hydrosols from materials we could source locally.  We are looking forward to expanding on this part of our business and being able to process more materials that require larger quantities of bulk materials.


Over the years we expanded our product line to include more products to assist with the healing process and met some amazing people along the way.


Hi, I am Anna and you may recognize me most for the bags I color so you have something beautiful to take your products home in.
I like working with my parents in our family business because we are doing things that are safe for the environment.

My favorite product is the Boo Boo Be gone roller.  Before we had this I was afraid of putting anything on my cuts and scrapes.  Now I can rub this on by myself and there is no burning.  I use it on bug bites too!

JulieHi, Julie here.  I love working in our family business because it’s about healing the body without all of the harsh chemicals and preservatives.

I love making products that are helpful to other people and that I use myself.  Each product carries with it a little bit of our heart and spirit and that makes what we do feel great!

NathanHi, Nathan here.  I am a bit of a science geek so when the opportunity to build a business with my family that involved a bit of chemistry I was elated.

I love making our products but I also love the interaction with our community and customers.  Speaking with all of you helps focus our efforts so we can make things that much better for you.

I have studied herbs and natural healing since I was 11 as I got tired of being sick all the time and doctors just wanted to prescribe medication to make me “feel” better.  Over the years I have expanded my knowledge so I can have a truly holistic understanding of healing and spirituality.